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Musica per Natale 2014s


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20141003 - BICICLETTEs


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Over last decade, since Sartoria della Musica become a datum point for events and wedding music in Italy, I’ve assisted many couples choosing songs for their special event.

Some couples know what they want even before our meeting.  Some others prefer

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Musica per matrimonio

26 ottobre 2014 – Sartoria della Musica live per Carlo Pignatelli

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Sartoria della Musica is waiting for you at Milano Sposi!

Il 2015 sarà l’anno del vostro matrimonio? Niente paura! E’ al via la 42° Edizione di Milano Sposi, principale fiera per gli sposi della città di Milano. Un doppio appuntamento, il 25-28 settembre, per una kermesse ormai diventata tradizione per tutte le coppie di sposi a cui da anni Sartoria della Musica ha scelto di non mancare!


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The aperitif is often considered as the most important moment of a party and indeed it is the visiting card of the entire event, the moment in which the guests seek for the well deserved relax after the “high-tension” moments of the ceremony.

The aperitif usually takes place outdoor and by standing, giving the guests the opportunity to move around freely, to snoop around enjoying the richly trimmed buffets and appreciate music played by an elegant and not-intrusive orchestra.

A quartet made up of

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This is the most important moment of your wedding day! It is the business card of your day and it is also the moment where your guests are relaxing and mingling after the civil or religious ceremony. Music should never be loud or intrusive. It should allow and facilitate the exchange of greetings, tie’s loosening and the relax.


During an outdoor cocktail guests have the chance to be close to the band to listen to their music or g slip away to talk quietly.

Musicians should not perform a concert. They are not the attraction of the day, their music enhance emotions making everyone a single thing. Musicians are there to give a special touch to bride and groom’s wedding day.


How many times did you hear things like this: “I was at a wedding with a great musical entertainment but it was too loud that we could not event talk each other!”
With Sartoria della Musica it won’t be the case!

After an aperitif, it’s the right time to sit down and enjoy the menu chosen by bride and groom. It’s the right time to enjoy a lovely meal and good chats.


Our suggestion is to avoid live music in this special moment. Our music planner will suggest something soft, lounge or relaxing with an appropriate volume.
We can even decide to play it through the reception venue PA system.

Playlist choice can be similar to what the band played at the aperitif or can be totally different. You can choose classical, lounge, but also melodic rock or pop music. You will be totally free to choose!

In some cases, however, it can be nice to listen to a pianist playing live, perhaps with an acoustic gran coda piano in the location.


It is the icon of a wedding day! It is the for the songs that represent bride and groom’s love story. There is not a “right song” for the cutting of the cake or the first dance! Every couple has a story and a song of their own. In the last years we have received very different requests: “Your Song” by E. John, “What a wonderful world” of L. Armstrong, “I’ve got you under my skin” by F. Sinatra or the OST theme “Time of my life”.


A good music planner is able to explain the importance of these moments and the meaning of the songs they will choose. We suggest to play these songs live. They will be especially prepared for the occasion if they are not in musicians’ repertoire.


Cutting of the cake and first dance mark the beginning of the real party! Music must should be a sort of“crescendo”. The band that played swing/bossa/jazz before is now proposing funk, soul, blues, R&B, to warm the hearts and prepare to dance. Dances are often manages an experienced DJ, who knows perfectly of the environment in which he is playing.



For a good musician or a good DJ it is easy selecting songs to inviting people to dance and create a warm atmosphere for a wedding party.
You can have fun without make it too cheesy but we have to remember to match your and your guests’ tastes and ages at least in the first part of the party.
We usually suggest a fun start with some twist / Rock ‘n’ Roll, then we move to 70s and gradually rise to present day. Bride and groom will help us to create a good playlist matching their and their guests’ preferences.




A good DJ should be like also a good psychologist to understand what song he needs to play and when. He should not impose his music tastes keeping in mind that main characters of the day are always the bride and groom!

Sartoria della Musica durante un Matrimonio Ebraico

Jewish wedding: spectacular!

19227_1350996997_50869405d9a06All the wedding celebrations are exciting and every time they leave us a nice load of sensations and images we’ll hold in our heart. This time we would like to share it with you. Maybe because we had the opportunity to work with a newly married couple – he has italian Persian origins and she’s Russian – who joined with Jewish ritual: for us it was the first time in a context of this dimension, but not for them. Having attended many weddings, both desire was to take some distance from certain classical formulas, while respecting the traditions and rituals.

With a lot of ideas we built together the musical project: a “full service” by a classical trio, sax solo, band of eight elements, DJset, sound system, lighting system for the stage, dancing and dining.

During the ceremony in the Synagogue of Via Guastalla in Milan, the musical accompaniment was in training for classical trio (harp, violin, soprano), according to a program agreed with the bride, the groom and the Rabbi.

Sartoria della Musica durante un matrimonio ebraico

Sartoria della Musica durante un matrimonio ebraico

It was magic and traditional, with a modern touch as the particular songs selected by the spouses.

The arrival of guests from all over the world at the Marriott Hotel in Washington Street was scheduled for 20 and so it was: more than 400 guests who filled the two main rooms of the Marriott, one for the aperitif, the other for dinner / after dinner. The guests were all in black tight, while the ladies were beautiful and elegant, any age, but most of all peers of the spouses, friends.

The musical program of the evening is very different than those we are used to but it is definitely more appropriate.

First a drink with live accompaniment of a single saxophonist with whom we have built up the repertoire of cocktail, a mix of songs swing / bossa / jazz. When it was time to take a seat at the table, our eight-piece band began to play a blues background, with international and well-known songs. The octet had a fantastic front formed by female vocals, male vocals, electric / acoustic guitar, piano and sax, which performed with elegant energy in front of a fantastic rhythm section: electric bass, drums and percussion.

After half an hour all the lights suddenly went off, and you could see only through the candles lights on each of the 52 tables arranged symmetrically with respect to the table of the bride and groom, to the dance floor and the 40sqm stage specially made.

A percussion solo followed by a single eye light announcing the entrance of the bride and groom. The triumphal entry brings the newlyweds exactly in the middle of the empty dance floor while our singer sings “I want to break free” by Queen, in a version specially rearranged according to the desire of the couple in Afro-bossa style.

Sartoria della Musica durante un Matrimonio Ebraico

At the end of the dance, without any musical accompaniment, breaked the male voice in a Hevenu shalom alechem – CLICK FOR VIDEO”  in perfect Hebrew, until the end of the first theme. At this point, started to play the whole band while guests went close to the couple. It is performing the Hora! This was followed by a twenty-minute frenzy to the tune of popular Jewish songs like “Hava Nagila” – Euroboys version – “Siman tov! Mazal tov” … The bride and groom are “tossed” a little everywhere.

Sartoria della Musica durante un Matrimonio Ebraico

After Hora the dining scene changed: architettural blue LED lights as background scenography and 52 white lights on each table. We’d better tell that to achieve this effect, our service, has installed a couple of 70 meters  beams above the whole room, a spectacle of lights and a sound system of high quality.

Here was an alternation of background music by the DJ as the course was served, live music and blues, rock & roll, twist with a section to Arabic music, Turkish, Slavic, carefully chosen by the couple who had the opportunity listen to recordings preview.

The live music ended at midnight with the song for the cutting of the cake: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” a Marvin Gaye duet that was irresistibile for all the guests.

Then DJset offered songs of different genres: disco70, dance, 90s, including some Middle Eastern and contemporary dance music. The music was exciting and cheerful while keep sober until the end.

The last track, goose bumps, was the traditional national anthem of Israel, “Hatikva.”


Sartoria Wireless Party

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Il Team Building firmato Sartoria della Musica

Showtime! Our Team Building

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L’emozione della musica dal vivo

La musica dal vivo è innanzitutto un’esperienza emozionante…

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Musica per matrimoni

Sartoria Swing Quintet @ Swiss Corner Milano – Videoclip

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Paolo Picutti con Ali Campbell Bitty Mclean su RAI DUE

Paolo Picutti con Ali Campbell Bitty Mclean – RAI 2 scalo 76

Matrim ebraici

Di cosa parliamo quando parliamo di Klezmer

Avete mai sentito parlare della musica Klezmer? Si tratta di un genere musicale di tradizione ebraica: “Kley” e “Zemer” significano letteralmente “Strumenti di canto“.
E’ la musica che accompagna di solito le feste di matrimonio, o i momenti di gioia di vita ebraica…..

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Logo del fotografo Michele dell'Utri, amico di Sartoria della Musica.

Intervista a Michele dell’Utri

Michele Dell’ Utri, un fotografo narratore che racconta passati nascosti, cattura istanti memorabili…

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Paolo Picutti con gli UB40 – Quelli che il calcio su RAI DUE

Paolo Picutti con gli ub40 Ali Campbell & Bitty mc Lean Rai 2 Quelli che il calcio

Salza foto 1

Intervista a Salza Catering

Qualità delle materie prime utilizzate, un’estrema cura dei dettagli e tanta tanta passione. Questo il mix che, dal lontano 1898, Salza Catering di Pisa propone ai suoi clienti e ai loro invitati. Un gioiello di qualità tutta italiana che qui si racconta per voi…perché la magia di un allestimento perfetto ci fa sempre sognare, no?

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Paolo Picutti

La nostra storia

Sartoria della Musica è frutto dell’intuizione di Paolo Picutti e Stefano Malinverno.
Le immagini testimoniano i momenti più significativi di questo incontro e definiscono progressivamente il percorso artistico e professionale di entrambi….


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Cosa si nasconde dietro una Cover?

Prendi una canzone che ti piace. Ascoltala in tutti i modi, fino a non poterne più, fino a possederla per sempre. E poi comincia a interpretarla tu: suonandola e cantandola.
Fare la Cover di un brano significa semplicemente farlo proprio, perché non è altro che il rifacimento, la reinterpretazione di un brano musicale interpretato e pubblicato precedentemente da un altro artista. Sapete perché si chiama Cover?

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