One of the most frequently asked questions posted by those who organize galas and wedding receptions regards music during lunch or dinner.

It’s a popular idea among couples and wedding planners that music is a necessary element – on the other hand, very qualified musicians have been enrolled – however there is the concern to bother the guests who are seated.

The challenge is between the desire to show off the band’s performance and the desire for tastefulness and wisdom.
Considering that you will hear live music before and after lunch, we recommend you to rest your ears and to allow a peaceful moment to your guests without live music.

For technical reasons, especially when there is a sung piece, the music’s volume cannot be lowered below an ambiance music amount or then the volume would sound excessive for who is sitting below the stage.

What are the possible solutions?

There are at least three options
to solve this problem:

1- It is possible to maintain a live musical background performance. Though there can be one instrument playing at a low volume. Typically the preferible instrument is a piano to minimize the acoustic impact. This charming solution, after a long period of time may result tireing so it is best during short dinners and with a limited amount of guests.

2- Another option could be to play live music only between the dinner breaks.

The band plays when the one course is over and stops when the next course is served.

This is the case where the feast lasts a long time – at least three hours— where is useful creating moments where guests are entratained to give perfect dynamic atmosphere.

It’s necessary to consider the dimension that the band will take up, which not always is compatible with the area.

3- The most common situation nowadays is when the meal lasts no more than two hours, and therefore there is no need to create a show, leaving the guests relaxed.

The best answer, in this case, is a background music playlist. A list of custom songs arranged to create the perfect harmony.

It may contain classic, instrumental jazz or modern deep house music; the significant aspect is to broadcast the music by 2 or 4 speakers properly arranged with few low frequencies and perfectly calibrated volume once the guests are seated.

So let’s rock with the right kind of music!



Over last decade, since Sartoria della Musica become a datum point for events and wedding music in Italy, I’ve assisted many couples choosing songs for their special event.

Some couples know what they want even before our meeting.  Some others prefer to be advised and take advantage of our experience. But for some couples a good brain storming is the  best way to reach the perfect solution. A good exchange of ideas and suggestions respecting bride and groom’s musical tastes and musician combo that will play for them.

Wedding Music does not exist in strict meaning. Music for a wedding is always chosen basing on bride and groom’s feelings, passion and personal attitude. There is not a real top list of songs but there is always a personal playlist. Every event features new melodies.

However here below you can find a list of the most wanted songs divided by every special moment of the wedding reception. Some are our favourites too. At Sartoria della Musica all these tunes arranged and played live.

Welcome Cocktail

Instrumental, Standard Jazz, Bossanova

The girl from Ipanema

Blue Moon

Fly me to the moon

Bride and Groom’s entrance

Upbeat happy music

Nessuno – Mina

You are the sunshine of my life – Stevie Wonder

L.O.V.E. – Nathalie Cole

This is what you are – Mario Biondi

Wedding Cake cut

Bride and groom’s favorite song

At last – Etta James

What a wonderful world – Louis AmB

A te – Jovanotti

Home – Michael Bublé.

First Dance

A Romantic Ballad 

Your song – Elton John

Imagine – John Lennon

Easy – Lionel Richie

Natural woman – Aretha Franklin.

Father-Daughter dance

An emotional evergreen

Sul bel Danubio blu – Valzer di Strauss

Il cielo in una stanza – Gino Paoli

Just the way you are – Billy Joel

Party opening

Let the party started!

Time of my life – Dirty dancing theme

Can’t take my eyes off of you – Gloria Gaynor

Blue suede shoes – Elvis Presley

Kiss – Prince




This is the most important moment of your wedding day! It is the business card of your day and it is also the moment where your guests are relaxing and mingling after the civil or religious ceremony. Music should never be loud or intrusive. It should allow and facilitate the exchange of greetings, tie’s loosening and the relax.


During an outdoor cocktail guests have the chance to be close to the band to listen to their music or g slip away to talk quietly.

Musicians should not perform a concert. They are not the attraction of the day, their music enhance emotions making everyone a single thing. Musicians are there to give a special touch to bride and groom’s wedding day.


How many times did you hear things like this: “I was at a wedding with a great musical entertainment but it was too loud that we could not event talk each other!” With Sartoria della Musica it won’t be the case!

After an aperitif, it’s the right time to sit down and enjoy the menu chosen by bride and groom. It’s the right time to enjoy a lovely meal and good chats.


Our suggestion is to avoid live music in this special moment. Our music planner will suggest something soft, lounge or relaxing with an appropriate volume. We can even decide to play it through the reception venue PA system.

Playlist choice can be similar to what the band played at the aperitif or can be totally different. You can choose classical, lounge, but also melodic rock or pop music. You will be totally free to choose!

In some cases, however, it can be nice to listen to a pianist playing live, perhaps with an acoustic gran coda piano in the location.


It is the icon of a wedding day! It is the for the songs that represent bride and groom’s love story. There is not a “right song” for the cutting of the cake or the first dance! Every couple has a story and a song of their own. In the last years we have received very different requests: “Your Song” by E. John, “What a wonderful world” of L. Armstrong, “I’ve got you under my skin” by F. Sinatra or the OST theme “Time of my life”.


A good music planner is able to explain the importance of these moments and the meaning of the songs they will choose. We suggest to play these songs live. They will be especially prepared for the occasion if they are not in musicians’ repertoire.


Cutting of the cake and first dance mark the beginning of the real party! Music must should be a sort of“crescendo”. The band that played swing/bossa/jazz before is now proposing funk, soul, blues, R&B, to warm the hearts and prepare to dance. Dances are often manages an experienced DJ, who knows perfectly of the environment in which he is playing.



For a good musician or a good DJ it is easy selecting songs to inviting people to dance and create a warm atmosphere for a wedding party. You can have fun without make it too cheesy but we have to remember to match your and your guests’ tastes and ages at least in the first part of the party. We usually suggest a fun start with some twist / Rock ‘n’ Roll, then we move to 70s and gradually rise to present day. Bride and groom will help us to create a good playlist matching their and their guests’ preferences.




A good DJ should be like also a good psychologist to understand what song he needs to play and when. He should not impose his music tastes keeping in mind that main characters of the day are always the bride and groom!